JBauerart Sticker Bundle (Round 1)

JBauerart Sticker Bundle (Round 1)

A FIVE sticker bundle for the price of four! That's right you will receive five stickers for the price of THREE in this amazing bundle of my first round of stickers. Only during November.

Bundle features the following:
4" x 2.5" glossy sticker of Carnage
4" x 2.75" glossy sticker of a marionette fairy.
4" x 2.2.5" glossy sticker of Jack Skellignton from Nightmare Before Christmas.
4" x 2.75" glossy sticker of Venom
4" x 2.6" glossy sticker of everyone's favorite jester, Harley Quinn.

Best part of the deal? No shipping added on! So this bundle is just $19.99!